Our Christian vocation is a call to be a disciple of Jesus. Stewardship is big part of that calling. Christians are called to be good stewards of the personal vocations they receive.

Disciples are called to

  • Acknowledge God as the source of all gifts and gratefully cherish and tend to them in a responsible and accountable manner;
  • Share them in justice and love with others, and return them with increase to the Lord
  • Evangelize, to share the Good News with one another;
  • Collaborate with God in the work of creation; and
  • Cooperate with God in the work of redemption.

Each member of the Church

  • Shares in the responsibility for its mission; each is called to practice stewardship of the Church; and
  • Looks outward to place themselves at the service of the entire human community, especially those who are in most need.

To volunteer in any of the areas listed below please call the church office at (251)432-4784.

Liturgical Ministries


An important part of every liturgy is the reading of the Scriptural passages, which gives us the fundamental teachings of Christianity. Volunteers are needed to be lectors at all the weekend and weekday services.

Hospitality Ministers (Ushers and Greeters)

Volunteers are needed to greet people at the doors of the church, help handicapped persons and extend a warm welcome to members of the Holy Name community at major feasts and regular Sunday masses. These ministers also collect the Mass offerings and distribute bulletins to people as they leave church after mass. Hospitality Ministers are the first "FACE" of the Parish as they greet not only parishioners but also visitors.

Altar Servers

Children 5th Grade and up are encouraged to volunteer to serve at the altar at S. Matthew's.

Music Ministry

Singers and instrumentalists are encouraged to volunteer for the 4:00 p.m. Vigil Mass and 10:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday. For more information call Elizabeth Petro at (251)604-4133.

Church Environment

The church environment group needs volunteers to help decorate the church for the Christmas and Easter holidays.
The altar society needs volunteers to help with the care and maintenance of the Church. They also care for the plants on the altars and maintain the votive candles. Please call the office for more information.