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Jesus speaks of agápe, a love that requires total commitment and trust. It is the kind of love with which God loves us, a love that should be the model of the love we have for others.  This love should be more than just a warm feeling toward others; it should be a compassionate gift of ourselves to meet the spiritual and bodily needs of our brothers and sisters. Agápe implies a reaching out to others in a caring attitude for their wellbeing without expecting any favor in return. It is strong, positive, difficult, determined action. Jesus repeats the command to love one another three times, first explaining what it is ("a new commandment"), how it is to be applied ("as I have loved you"), and finally noting that this love would stand as the trademark of his disciples. Not only is this a new commandment, but also, Jesus teaches, it is the greatest.  To love, in fact, is to know God.

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Saturday, May 14 Doug Kerr (D) Wednesday, May 18 Gaines Betbeze(D)
Sunday, May 15 Melanie Thompson (D) Thursday, May 19 Sherhea Singleton (D)
Monday, May 16 Marianna Finch (L) Friday, May 20 Keith Maceluch (L)
Tuesday, May 17 Gaines Betbeze (D) Saturday, May 21 Melanie Thompson (D)

May is Mary's Month. Please pray the Holy Rosary


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