Weekly Bulletin

Readings for Fifth Sunday of Lent: Ezekiel 37:12-14; Romans 8: 8-11; John 11:1-45


COLLECTION RESULTS : Regular Collection: $ 665.00
We are aware of the uncertainty that many are feeling in the face of the Coronavirus. Please continue to support St. Matthew Parish with your weekly tithe to the extent that you are able.




Our Prayer List

Chip Andrus, Rick Arguelo, Thomas Bennett, Theresa Brannon, Samuel Branum, Frances Bridges, Gaylord Brinnon, Lelia Burkes, Bea Calametti, Cullen Calametti, Mary Ann Calametti, Malcolm Calametti, Gene Carney, John Carney, Rev. David Carucci, Pete Cobb, Michael Lambert Collins, Garrett Colvin, Ella Comer, Art Conlon, Kevin Connick, Mary Connick, Kathy Conwell, Teddy Covington, Ken Crane, Jeff Crawford, Frances Crist, Dr. Debbie Davis, Mike Deming, Duncan Family, Charlie Elliott, Jim Ellis, Carolyn Fairey, Linda Fobs, Maureen Frost, Joe Gable, Dell Garner, Shay Schjott Gautreaux, Ann Geisenheimer, Flora Gilbert, Patsy Brown Habeeb, Dee Dee Hand, Midge Harden, Christine Harrison, Mat Hartley, Mark Haynes, Katie Henley, Amanda Herring, Blakely Herring, Willie Hill, Parker Hollinghead, Slade Hooks, Claudette Howard, Robert Howell, Michael Hudson, Kim Hughes, Jerry Ingle, Nelson Iturbe, Sharon Jemison, Shelley Judd, Fred Karkowski, Coy Kirkland, Judy Knowles, Michael J. Knowles, Paul Knowles, Logan Kynes, Sam Love, Floyd Laurendine, Angie Leon, Patsy Conn Lilley, Archbishop Oscar Lipscomb, Frances Luckie, Marcia Luckie, Sage Lyon III, Betsy Mabry, John Maceluch, Joanne Maceluch, Ruth Malagna, Mary Martin, Joyce Masters, Christine Mayhall, Brian McArdle, Lisa McCawley, Herbert McClamy, Shirley Cayton McDonald, Geraldine McGlasker, Butch McPherson, Kelly McPhillips, Woodie McPhillips, Joe Miller, Franklin Millette, Shannon Milling, Edna Moffett, Tom Murray, Kate Myers, Gerard Neely, Sue Neely, Will Nichols, Tony Odom, Lee Pace, Ross Partridge, Betty Patrick, Larry Patterson, Wilford Paul, Emma Perkins, Neil Pouliot, Fringella Preston, Shelton Prine, Louise Pruitt, Carolyn Pryor, Sheri Reddington, Barbara and Tommy Repoll, Josephine Rooney, Davis Saratt, Lucille Scott, Mary Steadman Seelhorst, Mary S. Seibert, Dell Sharbrough, Carol Shepherd, Phil Smith, Rev. Frank Sofie, Eric Speas, Toodie Spikes, Allison Repoll Spillman, Caroline Stapleton, Rose Story, Nita Sutton, Dr. Susan S. Sweeney, David Taylor, Anita Toole, Penny Townsend, Abbie Vaughn, Diane Vella, Margie McKay Wadsworth, Bert Wainwright, David Wainwright, Bill Watkins, Johnny Watts, Michael Watts, Darlene Pennington Wilson, Michael Wilson, John Paul Wilson, Ralph Wilson, Jr., Taylor Wright.


Please inform the church office with any mistakes, additions or removals. Thank you.


2020 St. Matthew's All Class Reunion--Spread the word! Plans are postponed for this event. The new date will be announced when determined.


Meditation for the Fifth Sunday of Lent

 All of us have read recent accounts about the decline of interest in religions among Americans. Statistics indicate that 85% of churches are in decline and 20% of Americans have no religious affiliation at all. These are very sad statistics, wouldn't you agree? Perhaps we should ask ourselves.... why do we still practice our faith? Why do we still pray? Well, the motives are varied. Some are seeking God's help. There is no question that more Americans are praying today than ever before in the face of this Covid-19 pandemic. Some are seeking God's forgiveness. Others are praying out of love of God and thankfulness for all that He has done for them. Whatever the motive, one thing is for sure, all of us are looking forward to everlasting life with Him in heaven. And, this is the main message of our Gospel today. Today's gospel story shows us two very important sides of our Lord. First of all, it gives us an insight into the humanity of Jesus. It is important to remember that Jesus loved, cried and suffered just as we do in our daily lives. And because he was truly human we can relate to him and he can relate to us. He knows how we feel when we suffer and cry. And he will comfort and strengthen us in those moments. But today's gospel shows us something else as well. It shows his divinity. He is the Son of God. He raised Lazarus from the dead! Jesus made a remarkable promise to each of us in this gospel reading. He said: “Whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live.” In other words, Jesus will do for us, something even greater than he did for Lazarus. Jesus' gift to us is a permanent gift of eternal life.